Migrant And Migrant

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What is the difference between an Immigrant and an Emigrant? Immigrant and Emigrant are very similar terms used in different perspectives. An immigrant is a person or a group of people leaving their country to settle in another country. An emigrant is a different perspective of an immigrant. To the country they are moving from, they are known as emigrants. For example, a Australian person migrates to America. In Australia, the person is known as an emigrant. However, in America the migrant is known as an immigrant. Both of these words have same meanings but are used in different contexts. Immigrant is a term used when migrating to a new country and Emigrant is used when leaving a country. What influences people to migrate? There are multiple…show more content…
They could have a positive mindset and a negative mindset. The positive mindset could include thinking about the life ahead of them, their opportunities, better environments and more importantly, a better life. If the migrants think about the positives, they will most likely enjoy themselves and enjoy their new home. However, if migrants weren’t forced to leave but think migrating to another country is the best move, they could have a negative mindset or perspective. A negative perspective could include thinking about their old home, feeling lost, feeling different from others and having no friends to rely on. The positive perspective is better for a migrant because there is nothing you can do about your old home. All the migrant can do is looking ahead towards the future and try make the best of of a bad situation. Many countries have started to limit the amount of migrants because too many migrants have the perspective that migrating is the best idea. Governments have established rules about migrants and that could have an impact on the migrants thinking that the country doesn’t want them and could possibly put them in a negative perspective of
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