Migrant Diaspora and Economic Development

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Migrant Diaspora help Economic Development In the recent years migrant diaspora and economic development is in special focus; awareness have been established in order to let the people know that there are several economic benefits of the migrant diaspora. They do not only helps economic development but there is many other sectors too which are being benefitted. The return of the expatriates to their home place is considered beneficial in many ways. They have sufficient knowledge about the culture, traditions and other things of the place that is why they can do better business than others. US data is much optimistic in this sense as 50% of the students came back to their own country who goes abroad for the higher studies but in India or China it is only 20%. It is the same condition with the Afghanistan, students who go to other countries for their studies do not return to home country and in this way, the country’s asset is going away from them. A bright and studied man has much importance for its country especially when he knows some work to do in the national interest. The graduated students can directly or indirectly contribute to the national economy. They are the real asset of the country and they can change the future of the country through their innovative ideas. In this way, the migrant diaspora helps the national economic development. The country or any administration should take appropriate steps in order to regain their expatriates. They know the environment
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