Migrant Worker Crisis

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The migrant worker crisis is a really big problem in the UAE. The UAE has experienced a huge construction boom over the last several years. They have built great projects like the louvre, a NYU campus, and the Burj Khalifa also known as the tallest building in the world. But, nobody ever talks about the people that are actually building these masterpieces. The UAE is going through a huge crisis called the UAE migrant worker crisis. The main issues surrounding the UAE migrant worker crisis are that workers aren't being paid what they were promised, these people can't leave, and these workers are living in terrible conditions. The first problem is that people aren't getting paid what they are being promised. A way that companies are doing that is contract fraud. They have the person sign a contract that guarantees them three dollars a day, a home, and oil, but then when the people get to UAE the companies give them another contract that says that they get around one dollar and fifty cents a day and a crowded living area and that overrules the first one. Another thing is that the workers have to pay recruiting fees that can be up to 3,000 dollars (Time). These fees take on average two years to just pay off. So these people are working for to years just to get even. Another issue is that the people can't leave.…show more content…
In conclusion, this crisis is probably the biggest problem in UAE because it's a violation on human rights. The fact that companies are allowing these things to happen is sick. No person on this planet should be treated with such
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