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“Critically evaluate how social psychology relates to the ‘European Migration Crisis’ of the summer 2015 using the two news articles provided.” ‘’Migrants and refugees streaming into Europe from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia have presented European leaders and policymakers with their greatest challenge since the debt crisis, ’’ Jeanne Parker, Deputy Director Council of Foreign Relations (September, 2015). It has been estimated by the IOM that within the first few months of this year, over 464,000 migrants have crossed into Europe, 150 per hour in Germany (Express), with the majority constituting Syrians escaping civil war. With the recent terrorist attacks on France and threats of ISIS across Europe and Western countries…show more content…
Tajifel’s minimal group paradigm research has shown, that even on a small scale, once an individual identifies with a group their preference will lie there. The social categorization theory 1987 emphasizing the strong cognitive process by which one stereo-types negatively towards out-groups has been observed with the us versus them representation shown by critics of the migration, undoubtedly underpinning prejudicial attitude. Prejudice is fundamentally defined as the rejection or social exclusion of a minority group in society by the more dominant status group (essential social psyc). Unwelcoming sectors of communities in the migrant destinations may attribute biased impressions and emotion towards others in the out-group (migrants in this case) which has been demonstrated as driving factor in implicit prejudice formation: infra-humanization. Whereby, one sees the other group, as inferior and de-humanised. Thus allowing them to justify their discriminating behavior whilst alleviating any potential feelings of guilt. A progressive form of such behavior has already been shown with the Rwandan Genocide 1994 where loss of jobs and educational resources to Tutsi tribes created resentment and an on slaw of violence. With the summer migration crisis reports by the Express having highlighted the disruption to local rail passengers trying to get to work and incurring huge delays from

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