Migration From The Oxford English Dictionary

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Amongst the development and migration literature there are many conflicting views about how the relationship between the two can be understood. For me to discuss the extent to which migration encourages development it is important to first define the terms ‘development’ and ‘migration’ in order to then assess the link between them. Many economists in particular have various views on defining development; Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen has argued that the expression of freedom is the primary end and the principal means of development. Taking this view into consideration, development can be understood as implying growth, advancement, empowerment and progress, with the goal of increasing human capabilities, enlarging the scope of human choices and creating a safe and secure environment where citizens can live with dignity and equality (Kelegama, 2011). When considering ‘the freedom of choice’ as a part of development, the very existence of the choice of migration on its own favours a country 's development. I have decided to take my definition of migration from the oxford English dictionary as it gives a precise, simple definition that can be easily interpreted; “The movement of people to a new area or country in order to find work or better living conditions.” Migration and development are linked very closely, migration has a strong impact on the living standards of vast numbers of people, and on the financial stability of developing countries. The technology, skills, and
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