Migration Is A Common Occurrences

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Migration to another Country is a very difficult, challenging and a time consuming process.
Some of the factors that we can attribute to migration is assimilation to a different culture, changes in gender roles and culture shock. The process of migrations changes between Countries either as refugee, illegal or legal. Migrations occurs as a result of food insecurity, political reasons, and economic opportunities. These reasons influence a person or families to migrate to a foreign land for a better opportunities. Therefore, immigrations is a common occurrences. Immigrations is when a native person migrates to a foreign country with the intentions. Once migrations is successful the assimilation into the new culture may become extremely difficult. The blending of the two cultures, which produces a subcultures that influences the new generations of family morals, values and cultures. In the film The Namesake, the film portrays the navigation in time sequences of marriage, education, parental hood, success, wealth and death. The struggles of a Bengali couple who immigrated to the United States, which cultures is outside their customs. The film, The Namesake was created after a very popular book that dives into the obscurities internal and externality of immigrates and the first generations Americans. It gives a very accurate and honest approach of difficulties to understand and accept the new culture for the parents who migrate. The film also shows the constraint and
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