Migration Is A Positive And Empowering New Start

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Migration is worldwide/international. People tend to escape their problems when they migrate. There is an estimated amount of 244 million people who are currently living outside their country and many of them migrate because of various reasons, such as protection. For some people, migration is a positive and empowering new start, but it is increasingly clear that many humans lack human rights. Migration happens within a country and from country to country. There are a lot of connections when you migrate, for example jobs, when you don 't get high incomes, then you will have a harder time to pay taxes and afford the cost of living. Many People migrate due to several reasons and that can include social, political, environmental and economical factors Did you know: There are also different types of migration. “Economic migration” is when people are migrating to a country that has a higher percent rate of getting a job. “Social migration” is when you are migrating to start a new life or to live closer to your family. “Political migration” is when people are moving to escape corrupted government or civil war. “Environmental migration” is when natural disasters destroy homes and people try to start a new life in a new country. Those in a problematic situation, tend to live and work in the shadows, they are too afraid to complain and are not allowed the rights and freedoms of a human person. During migration there are many push/pull factors; Push factors are factors that
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