Migration Through Human Trafficking Through The Dominican Republic

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The topic I will be researching is migration through human trafficking in the Dominican Republic. I am particularly interested in this topic because of its dynamics. The trafficking of women has been an ongoing issue in Dominican Republic and we barely hear about these stories in the media. My original interest was on the migration of women and the reasons why women migrate to North American countries and other Latin American countries from the Dominican Republic. But in researching for this topic, I encountered numerous articles on migration for sexual exploitation and the trafficking of women and young girls in Dominican Republic. This came as a shock to me, as being from Dominican descent and both of my parents born and raised in the Dominican Republic I had never heard of such issue. Surprisingly, through my research I have learned of several steps the government has taken towards these issues, as well as many public newsletters about the subject. In this paper, I focus on the reasons why women are vulnerable to sex trafficking, why they migrate, the trafficking process, if these women ever return to their home countries, the consequences are associated with this type of migration and the responses the Dominican Republic government has taken towards this issue. I conduct my research through several books; peer reviewed articles and mainly focused on two interviews. These two interviewees are women of Dominican descent; one is a mother of a woman who…

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