Migration in the 19th Century

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Index 1. Introduction 2. North Africa 3.1. Algeria 3.2. Tunisia 3.3. Egypt 3.4. Tripolitania – Libya 3. Eastern Mediterranean 4. The other countries 5. Conclusion 6. Bibliography 1. Introduction Emigration was directly linked to the situation in the country of origin. Especially from 1820 onwards Malta had formidable problems with redundant population. Peace in the country developed occupancies, which led to unemployment throughout the country. Although the country was afflicted by several diseases like the plague in 1813 and cholera this did little to curb the unstoppable growth in population. Many inhabitants saw emigration, as the only possible solution to avoid the…show more content…
2.1. Algeria For many Maltese the migration to Algeria was a logical choice. The main factors in decision making were mostly language and short distance. Moreover when French conquered Algeria, Maltese saw it as an opportunity to work as interpreters, soldiers and suppliers of all types of goods. This explains why they settled mostly in eastern Algeria. (Prochaska, 1990) As mentioned earlier migration of Maltese to Algeria started soon after the first French military conquest. This was due to very low and poor living conditions in Malta and in order to find a better life oversees. Most Maltese settled in Constantine, Bone, Philippeville but also in small towns and villages of the Constantinois (Cassar, 2000). Amongst the other European migrants Maltese were one of the poorest nations. Many of them would arrive with no belongings, in most cases not even owning shoes. Their social status also differed from the other settling groups in the colony. French elite questioned how European they were in fact considered them less European. One of the reasons was the Maltese language, which was strongly influenced by Arabic conquerors who ruled Malta for over two centuries. Not even the fact that they were of a catholic faith could improve their

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