Essay on Miguel de Cervantes

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Born in 1547--a very important year in European history. Frances I of france died, opening France to half a century of religious turmoil. (for Spain to exploit). Henry VIII died in England, only a year after Martin Luther (in mid-sermon), thus proving to Catholic Spain that God was enthusiastic to its religious cause by removing the two heretics!! Also, in 1547, Emperor Carlos V defeated the Protestant armies at Muhlberg. His explanation, "I came, I saw, and God conquered!" As Hernan Cortes died in Seville, in the countryside around Alcala de Henares, on Oct. 9, 1547 in the converse quartger of Alcala (a university town 20 m. northeast of Madrid) was born Miguel de Cervantes--his father a barber-surgeon by trade. In his life,…show more content…
Lope de Vega and the intellectuals were not enthusiastic about Cervantes. Cervantes was translated into Dutch, English, Flemish within a few years. Today, in 100 languages. One critic called it the "Bible of humanity." Another said, "of all the books, it is the most catholic." (Inspired Melville, Dostoevski (The Idiot) and S. Dali.) Like Shakespeare's life, Cervantes is shrouded mostly in darkness. Mostly self-educated, fond of reading, drawn to poetry and drama. Had little knowledge of the classics, probably did not have an university education. Was in rome as chamberlain to Cardinal Acquaviva. Sent home certificate of "old Christian" stock (no Jewish blood in his veins). Enlisted in Spanish legion stationed in southern Italy and fought with distinction at Lepanto. In 1575, on route with brother Rodigo back to Spain was captured for five years by Algerian pirates--in December, 1580 back in Madrid (Captive Tale in Part I) Married a peasant girl 1584--they had no children, but he had to support his wife, two sisters, daughter Isabel, a neice, and maid-servant. He moved to Seville in 1587. In 1588, he was appointed depty purveyor to the fleet, worked Andalusia. Tough job but learned of the folk here. In jail he learned of criminal types. Having seized property of dean of cathedral in Seville, he was He lived in Madrid,
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