Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion Album Review

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Mika’s Life in Cartoon Motion Michael Holbrook Penniman, also known as Mika, is a pop male singer artist and a songwriter. He began his debut as a singer with his album entitled, Life in Cartoon Motion in 2007. I chose this album cover because it’s eye-catching with its colorful image. It’s important to review and analyze the visual design of this album cover by focusing on different points of it. Such as the genre of the music, the image and color on the album cover, the representation of it, and the target audience of the album. In his debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion, Mika set all of his song to be a pop genre. Just like a common pop artist’s album cover, no guns or parental advisory sticker, his album is filled with excessive…show more content…
This can be interpreted by the cover, which has a man sitting on a couch, a woman who looks like she’s having a party, and a little girl who is sitting and holding her doll. People will buy this album because they not only want to know what kind of music is behind this wonderful and colorful cover, but also because the colorful album really catches a viewer’s eye making them want to buy the album for a brighter day. In conclusion, Mika’s album cover is very inviting and striking because his album cover is colorful and lively. Not only children that will be interested, but also teenagers and parents as well. With his name in modern, big, and bold styled writing, people will know whose album they are

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