Mikasa Alternate Ending

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The first thing Eren sees when he opens his eyes are thin ribbons of pale sunlight streaming through the mullioned windows. He follows them, notices the steady stream of dust highlighted by the neutral, subtle glow—and yeah, perhaps he should be a little grossed out, but he finds it contributes to the calming, peaceful aesthetic. (Captain Levi would beg to differ, but it’s too early to give a shit.) An arm slung over his shoulder is the second thing Eren notices, a small smirk tugging at his lips as he shifts and turns as quietly as he can. A laugh bubbles in his throat at the sight of Mikasa’s tousled, obsidian hair and the dopey expression on the woman’s face. He almost chokes on it when Mikasa lets out a particularly loud snore, managing to startle him. He notices a strand of hair between the crevice of her lips and chews on his bottom lip when he realises the woman’s drooling. Such a beauty. “Wakey, wakey,” he sing-songs, softly, tapping the woman’s nose with each…show more content…
Her intentions are clear as daylight when she returns with a broom, swinging it dangerously. “No!” “Eren, the blanket’s shouting at me!” There’s a sharp, quick thud next to Eren’s head, and he lets out another scream. “Mikasa, it’s me! It’s Eren! I’m underneath the blanket!” “I don’t believe you!” He throws the blanket away, revealing his face, and Mikasa pauses, broom held in midair. Eren briefly wonders if every newly weds go through the same situation, and then decides that, no, most likely not. “Oh,” is all Mikasa says, and Eren nods vigorously. She looks at the broom and then back down to Eren, and then she gently, carefully sets the broom down. A cough, lame and awkward, follows shortly after. “This’ll be an interesting story to tell our future kids.” “Definitely,” Eren agrees, nodding. “Hungry?” A prolonged pause follows before Mikasa simply nods. “I’ll make
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