Mikasa-Personal Narrative

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After another hour of driving, we finally arrive in the front of the towering white modeling studio. My insides are doing crazy gymnastics as i get out of Mikasa small car and shut the door behind me as Mikasa follows. She glances my way noticing my anxouis behanvior. She tries to reassure me by smiling reassuringly and giving my arm a good squeeze, but that doesnt make me feel any better. I've been preparing myself for this photshoot for weeks and weeks leading up to this antipacpation. I've took many selfies, tried different poses, ive been working out a lot more, and have been looking up youtube storytime videos on how peoples experiences were modling for a brand. But nothing can prepare a person for the real thing. We both reach the newly…show more content…
"Its only a few hours, then its all over." She tries to persuade me with a soothing tone of voice, "And Armins here too." She says, opening the door in front of us. Thats what im afriad of. Mikasa pushes me thorugh the door as i now stand in front of about 40 people. All are faces thtare forigen to me, expect for one. "Ah THERE HE IS!" "The man of the hour." "We almost thought you bailed." I stand in front of the random people, frozen with shock. I try to say something, anything. I shakily put my hand up and wave, but before i do im hit with a light force as i see a blond orb from the corner of my eye. "Eren." A voice swoons from below me. I look down and see the light of my life smiling into my chest. The room is filled with awes and whistles as i blush madly. Armin notices and pulls his head up and blushes madly. "I though you weren't coming for a second there." Armin confesses bashfully. "Miss this? Never." I say, putting my arm around his shoulders. After the embarrasment fest, Armin introduces Mikasa and I to everyone. My makeup team with consist of a blond lady named Rico, a brunette boy whose name is Ian, and an indifferent girl named Anka. They greeted me happily -excpet for
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