Mike Malone Inc. Case Study

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In the final processes of the contract finalization, care must be taken as over time the market switches up and which unveils all associated risks. It is at this time where a company reaps the benefits of all the negotiating and getting their offers approved by the Contracting Officer. Mike Malone Inc. (MMI) offered fix prices to the Navy and should also look at their employee pay, materials needed and quality of work to be done. The company functions under the HUBZone and have just been awarded the flooring contract for Naval Station Norfolk (NOB Norfolk). One of the key attributes that won the base Contracting Officer over was the fact that MMI had the lowest profit margin at 8% and the current market position they were in.
An additional trait the company had was the fact that they owned the
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This patent gave them more power over the competition of local flooring companies and one in particular has since decided to sub-contract under MMI. Upon starting the job, MMI has discovered that NOB Norfolk has flooring equipment that has not been used however, MMI stocks inventory that is fairly dated material. A key driving factor to establishing the cost of the contract is attaining MMI’s patent so they won’t lose money and protection against any litigations (Thiele, Blakeway and Hosch, 2010). In seeking payments for their services, MMI will be utilizing the performance-based and receiving progress methods to accrue payments from the federal government. These two methods are good choices because they are the most preferred way when dealing with the United States government, depending on
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