Mike Rose 's Life On The Boundary

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“Lives on the Boundary” is a autobiography written by Mike Rose. In “Lives on the Boundary” Mike Rose describes his life, focusing heavily on his academic history. He explains from the start, how he was placed in the incorrect course due to a naming error in the school system. He then transitions to his years at university, and along the way he describes his mentors, acquaintances, and other people who influenced his life for the better. The three environmental factors that influenced Mike Rose’s life are his family/neighborhood, and his teachers at “Our Lady of Mercy,” a private catholic school he attended, and his teachers at LMU. These people guided and mentored Rose throughout his childhood, through to his college years, and gave him guidance and assistance that many students wish to receive. “Between 1880 and 1920, well over four million Southern Italian peasants immigrated to America” (11). Mike Rose’s parents were one of the many who immigrated. Mike Rose grew up in Los Angeles to a poor family and a father with medical issues. Growing up in such poor circumstances really affected his educational potential. He was raised on South Vermont located in South Central, which meant his options for education were limited. Luckily his parents supported a good education and they sent him to a Catholic private school. To make matters worse, they could barely afford the school so they lived in a small shack on an even smaller property. This shack was in a very dangerous area.…
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