Mike Rose's Lives on the Boundary Essay

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Mike Rose's Lives on the Boundary Mike Rose’s Lives on the Boundary is an Educational Autobiography. The book begins at the beginning of his life and we follow him up into his adult years. The book focuses on the “struggles and achievements of America’s educationally underprepared” . The Alien In order to understand Mike Rose, and his book Lives on the Boundary, you must first understand where Mike is coming from and examine his past. Mike was born to a first generation immigrant family, originally from Italy. He spent his early childhood in the mid-west and then in his latter childhood, parents not knowing any better, in East Los Angeles. Mike’s father suffered from arteriosclerosis. Neither Mike’s mother nor his father…show more content…
Jack helped inspire the kids to think and to analyze what they were reading. Jack’s teachings stimulated Mike and he “started reading again as [he] hadn’t since elementary school” . Jack served as more than simply a great teacher to Mike. As all the other kids were applying to college and preparing for the future, Mike was planning on working and maybe taking some night classes after he graduated high school. But once Jack MacFarland caught wind of that foul idea, he made some calls and pulled some strings and got Mike into Loyola University, even if just as a probationary student. What's more, when Mike was unsure of how he was going to pay for school, “Jack MacFarland was on the case” . He helped secure scholarships from Loyola and student loans to cover the cost of tuition. Jack helped open Mike’s eyes to a new and exciting world of knowledge. Jack showed him that there was much more, “provided a critical prospective on society, and it allowed [Mike] to act as though [he] were living beyond the limiting boundaries of South Vermont” . And soon enough, Mike would. Hearing the Words Mike’s second truly inspirational instructor was at Loyola University during a set of classes commonly referred to as the sophomore survey. For Dr. Frank Carothers, being a professor was “a profoundly social calling” . Frank was excited about what he taught and that excitement and love of the material caused interest and stimulation in his students. It was pure and primary for
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