Mike Ross Research Paper

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et in the shark-infested world of US corporate law, Suits is populated by smart, well-dressed professionals who exchange witty remarks in glassy offices that look out over the New York skyline. It's a slick legal drama, but the cases rarely get as far as the courtroom. Instead, lawyers try to outmanoeuvre each other via legislative loop-holes, gambling and bluffing their way through big deals in what often feels like high-stakes legal poker. "I don't play the odds," explains hotshot attorney Harvey Specter. "I play the man." This wisdom is dispensed to Mike Ross, a genius-level college dropout with a photographic memory. When we first meet Mike, he's making money by taking law school admission tests for other students. Things change, however, when circumstances place him in an interview room with Harvey, who is in the process of hiring a new trainee from Harvard. Mike doesn't have a law degree, but his ability to recite entire passages of legislation impresses Harvey enough to get him the job.…show more content…
"Does this mean we're officially a team now?" asks Mike in the pilot. "I wouldn't move your things into Wayne manor just yet," replies Harvey. The chemistry between the two, their punchy back-and-forth rapport, is the show's main asset – and the look on Harvey's face when Mike attempts a fist-bump is
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