Mike Vick Research Paper

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Austin Ford
ELA 10 2nd Hour
28 February 2017

When people think of Mike Vick they think of a dogfighter, well that's not entirely true he isn't all a dog fighter. Vick is also a great NFL running quarterback. Michael Dwayne Vick was born in Newport Virginia. He didn't realize the skill that he had until he was in 7th grade. When he went to high school he was the second best quarterback in Virginia, he was the second because the 1st was Ronald Curry.
When Vick decided he wanted to go to college there only 2 colleges that Vick knew he wanted to go to, those were Syracuse and Virginia Tech (VT). At the time Vick was deciding to go to VT there was already a man that was in Syracuse and that was Aaron Brooks. So he decided to go to VT. Because he never saw them on TV before, he's never heard about them at all.
Vicks first year he
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Some people forgive Michael Vick for what he did and some people don't. Vick saw his first dogfight when he was about 7 or 8, he said that he didn't think that it was wrong because the police didn't do anything about it. And no one really cared about it either. He thought that dog fighting was fair ok to do. In 2007 Mike Vick went to jail for dog fighting. He was caught by his cousin which was taken to jail for having drugs in his vehicle, and the man gave Vicks the police went to Vick’s house and they found these building behind his house. He was running a dogfighting business called “Bad Newz Kennelz”. He went to a FBI agent and lied to them. The second time around he pleaded guilty. He knew that he mest up. In a conference before he went to Kansas to be put in jail he asked for understanding and forgiveness. 18 months later he got out of jail and went to his house in Virginia and was in house arrest. People should forgive him he spent 18 months in jail, that's for a 1 year and 6 months. Come on Vick spent his time. Let's put it this way: A friend is in jail for 18 months, would you forgive
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