Mike's Market Site that is a Visual Representation of a Farmers Market

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This leaves in opening in the market to capitalize on people’s desire to eat locally and organically. In addition to being for mainly informational purposes these sites are visually unappealing. Sites like farmersmarketonline.com have an appearance like that of Craigslist.org and are reminiscent of the days of the early internet. The market can be captured by offering consumers a site that resembles a real farmers market visually. SWOT Analysis Strengths
1. Knowledge of marketing and markets is a strength held by the individual involved in the start of Mike’s Market. This strength will help with the formation of the company since one of the price points for users of the site is marketing expertise and help with online sales. This strength will also come into play in creating initial buzz about the site to drive traffic and increase awareness.
2. Logistics and transportation support is another critical part of the online farmers market so that users can concentrate on growing and selling their goods. The starter of the site has over five years in logistics and transportation ranging from local shipping to international shipping.
3. The passion to see this site from an idea to reality is a strength possessed by the sites founder. This passion will aid in forming bonds with initial farmers and creating…
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