Mikulakan Culture

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Erikson, with interest in the developmental processes across time and the key factors of becoming who we are is Ethos of our character that guides our beliefs, ideas that characterized a community, nation, or ideology driven by our emotions, behaviors and morals. Adolescent for example, find out who think they are and start making choices. We have the capacity to build and develop communities with the strength of hope because our brain is prone to adrenarche and our body is prone to schedule and bring many questions. We then organize ourselves into groups, most of what is unusual about single humanity is culture and language that other animals do not have to share. Our stories work to make us who we are even though, there are too many stories we find way to coexist. The sacred is what motivates us because they are ineffable.
In an overall sense, Darwin implies that
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As a species, we creates many pathways of survival based on culture and language selection we share. Mikulak in the article All About Awe infers that, awe alters how we evaluate persuasiveness of an argument, cognitive processing….dampen our reliance on cognitive shortcuts when making judgments, just as negative affective states tend to do. Mikulak explains that our positive emotions is due to a overall number of points as a heuristic (Mikulak, 2015, p. 2). In order for single humanity to co-exist we need the mental shortcut that individuals relied on for problem solving, making judgments quickly and effectively. Based on that criteria individuals can function without stopping and thinking of the next course of action. Although not stated, Darwin’s fascinating idea really are one humanity, we are creatures who can reason, inculcate affection or emotions. Dawin acknowledges human language development is a key factor for advance
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