Milan Faylu And Its Effects On Business Opportunities Essay

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Being only 25 years old, Milan Faylu is the CEO and founder of Eben Naturals, a skincare brand based in Miami, FL. Even though he was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, due to his family business, he grew up in 7 different countries around the world and later attended University of Miami for his college education. This provided him with a globalized view towards business opportunities. It was during his studies at the University of Miami, when his idea for his venture first came about. During a trip back home to the Congo, Milan noticed the widespread use of skin lightening products by misguided consumers who had no information whatsoever about their harmful effects. Most of them even feature a high dosage of hydroquinone, a product said to be carcinogenic by the FDA. Instead of the alternative harmful skin lightening products, he thought it’d be great to promote products that would encourage people to embrace their natural skin tone. Subsequently, when he returned to the U.S, he started to pay more attention to the beauty industry and realized that there was a serious lack of beauty solutions geared towards his demographic. This was later confirmed by extensive market research, and combined with the passion he had towards the subject, he decided to dive into the project. Milan’s emotional reasoning behind his venture idea of empowering dark skinned people by creating an excellent product that is targeted specifically for them, agrees with the principles of The
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