Miles Davis : A Musician, Composer, And Genius

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Joseph Small
Mrs. Galaviz
English 12
15 March 2015
Biography of Miles Davis
Miles Dewey Davis III was a musician, composer, and genius. Davis wrote a large portion of the music he played, and he did not care what people thought about his music. “Do not fear mistakes, there are none” (Davis 29). The amount of skill Davis must have had to keep on creating new, original, different music is far beyond many people. Davis is one of the main contributing factors to change jazz. He alone made his own style, called the “Cool Jazz” genre (Scarborough 26). Davis is surely one of the reasons I believe jazz is here to stay for a long time, and Davis thought so, too. In Davis’ life, he has done many great things and experienced some good things as well
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Davis’ father taught Davis many things. None of the things Davis’ father taught Davis was the trumpet, but one thing was how to keep track of money by not giving Davis the correct amount and making Davis count all the money. That was a lesson that Davis’ father learned from Davis’ grandfather. Davis and Davis’ father both thought this was a cruel way to learn because if the money was not counted, they would have lost $50 or so, which was a lot of money back then. Davis’ mother wanted Davis to play the violin when he was thirteen. Instead, Davis’ father got Davis a trumpet. Needless to say, Davis’ mother was not too happy with that (Chambers 25). Soon after, Davis got his first trumpet. Davis’ father hired a personal tutor to teach Davis. Later in Davis’ childhood, one of his friends’ houses burnt down. Davis’ friend did not survive the fire, and Davis saw the corpse, barely recognizing it (Szwed 14). Aside from that tragedy, Davis claims his life as a child was not cluttered with noise like it was when his children were born (Merod 11). Ever since Davis heard “Bird” playing, Davis has been in love with jazz. (Michael 19) Music has always been in Davis’ life. Ever since Davis first heard some good jazz, music has been “all up in his body” (Lambe 19). Davis did not believe that jazz would ever go out of style. “I never thought jazz was supposed to be a museum piece like other dead things once considered artistic” (Davis 35). When Davis got his trumpet, he
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