Miles Davis And The Jazz Music

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Throughout the years there have been several amazing composers and artists around the world and Miles Davis is considered one of the finest in the jazz genre. As one of the greatest jazz musicians ever, he instrumental in developing new forms of music such as jazz fusion. Like many famous twentieth century composers and artists, Davis grappled throughout his career with drug abuse, however, his music is still inspirational today and will impact and influence future generations and push them to their creative boundaries. Miles Dewey Davis III was born in Alton, Illinois on 26 May 1926, and was raised in an upper middle class home in East St. Louis. His father was a dentist and music teacher who introduced his son the trumpet at thirteen years old. “Davis quickly developed a talent for playing the trumpet under the private tutelage of Elwood Buchanan. Buchanan emphasized playing the trumpet without vibrato, which was contrary to the common style used by trumpeters such as Louis Armstrong, and which would come to influence and help develop the Miles Davis style.” While he was in high school Davis played his music professionally. When he was seventeen, Davis was invited by Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker to join them to replace a sick member of their band. In 1944 he followed Parker to New York where he enrolled in the Julliard school of music to study classical music. While taking courses at Julliard, Davis and Parker began to play at Harlem nightclubs. While playing
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