Miles Halter: Summary

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Miles Halter-also known as Pudge: The book is written in his point of view so we can say that he is the protagonist of the book. He also has a special talent: he has that ability to learn famous people's last words such as politicians, writers, painters, musicians... Unfortunately he doesn't have many friends in his hometown. He is tall and skinny however his friends in his boarding school calls him 'Pudge'. Miles is very smart too, he tries to keep up with his classes; one of his favourite subjects is 'Religious Studies'. He likes playing video games and loves eating. He has a love interest in Alaska Young, one of the girls in his school. However lately in the story, he becomes Lara Buterskayas' boyfriend.

Chip Martin-also known as Colonel:
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She smokes, drinks wine, collects books from yard sales to read them one day (she says that she will have time to read them when she gets older). She is an attractive and mysterious girl but friendly at the same time. After her mothers' death, she feels guilty and blames herself so she starts to drink to escape from her suffering and her memories. She is very emotional and complicated too. She is attracted to Miles even if she doesn't admit it at the beginning. She is quite 'hot' according to Miles with her 'curvy' figures and emerald green eyes.

Lara Buterskaya: She becomes friends with Alaska when she is transferred to Culver Creek. (She is an exchange student.) She is from Romania and has a cute accent according to the book. She flirts with Miles since she likes him (she becomes his girlfriend but it's not a relationship full of emotions so they call it a pseudo-relationship.). She has a very daring character. She is blonde and really pretty (also flirty) too. She has an immature character but her friends love her the way she is.

Takumi Hikohito: He is a very good friend of Colonels' and Alaskas' so he becomes easily friends with Miles and Lara too. He is very good at keeping secrets and is interested in rap
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