Miles Matheson's Tension: A Narrative Fiction

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“You swear to me that you’ll protect her with your life, Duncan?” Duncan gave him a look that would have any other man pissing himself, but Miles Matheson wasn’t just any other man. “I’ll raise her as my own, Miles, she’ll be safer than Sebastian tucked away in his Castle.” Miles snorted at the image she painted, before extending his hand. “Thank you, Duncan.” Duncan shook his hand, and then waited as he hugged the small child to his body, lips pressed to her temple as he breathed deeply trying to remember that unique smell that all babies have. Taking off the dog tag she was playing with, Miles dropped the chain over her head. “I love you, Charlie,” he whispered, pressing one last kiss against her cheek and handing her up to Duncan.…show more content…
Xxxx Waiting for the door to shut behind her, Charlie looked around the room. As soon as she heard the knob released on the other side, she headed straight for the sideboard littered with decanters. Picking one up, she poured a liberal amount into a glass. The hours since their arrival had been spent making sure that everyone, herself included, had been fed and bathed. She had barely finished putting the children to bed when a soldier appeared waiting to escort her here. Now it was just a waiting game until either her father or the President arrived and Charlie wasn’t one for waiting. Moving about the room, she stopped here and there, fingering objects that caught her attention. The room was formal and pretentious and she wasn’t a fan. She missed her tents filled with carpets and furs and cushions, hand carved toys littering the floors and her bed tucked behind brightly colored sheer fabric. She had just thrown another log on the fire when a tall man let himself into the room closing the door loudly behind him. “Get out,” the man said gruffly not even looking in her…show more content…
“And that’s supposed to endear you to me?” Charlie sneered. “Maybe not right away,” the man replied with a dazzling smile that made Charlie’s knees go weak. Tamping down the attraction, Charlie straightened her spine as she waved her finger back and forth between the two. “I don’t know what the two of you thought was going to happen when I came back, but I won’t be bartered off like a piece of chattel.” “Charlotte, please. Come over here by the fire and we’ll visit for a while,” Bass suggested as he held out an arm to guide her, “We’re going to be married. Don’t you think we should get to know one another?’ Charlie stepped up to him until they were toe to toe, leaning forward until her lips were even with his ear. “You might be the President of the Monroe Republic, but I’m the leader of a War Clan. You’re going to have to earn the right to fuck me.” Charlie purred in his ear before spinning on her heel and grabbing her jacket off the back of the couch. Miles and Bass remained silent until they heard the outer door slam shut prompting Miles to speak up. “I’m sure she’ll come around, Bass.” Bass brushed past him with a grin. “I can hardly wait.”
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