Miles's Cabin Narrative

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How would your like to go to a creepy old cabin? Well you want to find out what happens to these three friends that plan to be out at this old cabin for three days continue reading. So there were three kids the oldest 15 by the name on Charlie. The second one by the name of Mary she was 13. The youngest, 13, his name was Miles. They we're all quite close friends.

One afternoon they had decided to take a trip to the old deserted cabin out in the forest so they packed there cloths and packed foods. They told their parents they were leaving and then took off. On the way there they had seen this lost dog. Well Mary had just loved animals so she went to pick it up and it started chasing the kids.

The cabin door had been open so they ran in there and blocked the doors. Miles just so happen to be so deeply scared of dogs. Mary had forgotten and so she apologized for scaring him. Charlie was gasping for air from running and then he said, "At least we made it."

Miles was like,
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The kids were so scared at this point they ran home and got there parents. They had there parents take them back to get there stuff and the kids made a promise to never go back to that old abandoned cabin. The next day the kids woke up in there tents in there back yard the had thought it only to be a dream till they walked into Mary's house and her mom introduced there new puppy. The puppy had been the one that chased then and the freaked out and told her mom everything and she ended up getting rid of the dog. The kids were so happy that they didn't have to see that dog anymore. Mary and Miles ended up telling Charlie that the wanted to go to is haunted house in the summer. Charlie laughed and said, "Haha okay over my dead body am I going to another haunted place." And Mary said, "You're right, that's not a very good idea." So they all just I spent the summer hanging out going to pools and staying as far away as possible from haunted
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