Milestone Of Women 's Rights Movement

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Xie He Milestone of women’s rights movement
The Seneca Falls Convention, which was held on July 19-20, 1848 in the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, New York, was referred to as the first women’s right convention. It was the milestone in the entire movement of women’ rights, which has positive lofty significance for all the women in the world, because through this convention an organized women’s right movement was initiated in the United States. Many historians associated the Seneca Convention as part of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s biography, owing to the fact that she was the event’s main organizer. In fact, it was only recently when the Seneca Convention was recognized by historians as a significant event in history (Lerner, 3). Consequently, it was through this recognition that the convention was acknowledged as a result of women’s increased awareness of their rights during that period. This historical event paved the way for women to express their sentiments against disfranchisement, which means the deprivation of the civil rights including vote, education, working and owning private property. In the Declaration of Sentiments, they asserted “that women should have equality in every area of life: politics, the family, education, jobs, religion, and morals” (Wellman, 1).
The originate of Seneca Falls Convention has many links to the abolishment and legal reform, which leads to the anti-slavery movement and legislation progress in the 1830s

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