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Physical Development During 6-9 months there will be some big physical development in babies, they will be able to move about more taking more active part around the family. They will start to put everything in their mouth whether they see it on the floor or if someone has given them an object because the lips and tongue are sensitive objects this helps them with the textures of the object. They will start trying different food which some they may swallow but some they may not because they may not like the taste or the texture of it. Milestones - Gross motor skills 1) They will be able sit alone for a few moments when put into a sitting position, then manage to sit by themselves without falling over. 2) They will be able to roll…show more content…
2) They ‘tell’ you that they want to be picked up by stretching their arms up. Milestones- Behavioural development 1) Shows displeasure at the loss of a toy. 2) Possibly comfort themselves by sucking thumb, or holding a special toy or blanket. Communication and Intellectual development From babbling and cooing for a few weeks the baby will start to sound like they are saying words which sound close to real words. They will start to experiment on different sounds such as expressing emotions e.g. squeals of excitement. They will also start using sounds such as ‘ma-ma-ma’ even though they don’t understand but they just want their mother. Milestones- Communication development 1) They will react to angry, friendly voices and know the difference. 2) They will make sounds and babble to get attention. 3) They will laugh, gurgle and coo with familiar people they know and are comfortable with. Milestones- Intellectual development 1) They will respond to their own name. 2) They will recognise familiar people. 3) They will drop things to see what will happen purposely to see your reaction and what will happen to the object. Physical Activities 1) Sitting on the floor with the baby and talking about toys, the colours and shapes feeling the texture of it with them. Rolling a ball to them and helping them to roll it back. 2) Doing some baby yoga in some books it will show what sort of exercise you can do with the baby. 3) As they will be learning how to
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