Milestones in the Developmental Characteristics of Kindergartners

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The key developmental characteristics of the kindergarten class which are in between the end of childhood and the beginning of middle age childhood, they differ in each developmental domain, below would explain clearly the developmental characteristics for physical, cognitive, language and social emotional development for kindergarten aged children . physical developmental milestones: • Hops on alternate legs • jumps over small objects • runs, jumps, around obstacles, • throwing, catching and become more refined with flexible upper body. • Can rotate twist • fine and gross motor skills developing • stacks 10 or more objects • cuts with scissors • distinguishes writing from non writing • forms shapes and objects with clay…show more content…
Moreover, the teacher demonstrating the steps helps the children to understand more what they are meant to be doing in the activity so they are able to understand more and physically be able to do the activity. Ms. Smith also has one student who models each of the steps so that the other students can watch and ask questions. Once she is sure that all the students understand the project, she tells them they may begin. This gives every child the opportunity and does not allow any child to be left out this will help in there social/emotional development by giving each child an opportunity to be involved. Also, to help her students remember the steps, she has taped three large cards in the centre of each table. This helps the children to not forget the steps and helps the memory of the child which will improve on there cognitive development. The teacher also shows developmentally appropriate practice by allowing the children to use there sensory skills while they are being involved in the activity and cutting, pasting gluing and colouring. Key concepts of developmental theory include that development is separated into domains of developmental theory such as physical, social/emotional and cognitive. Development occurs in stages that are generally age related. Each stage is defined by a set of typical skills or understanding that children would normally

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