Miley: A Narrative Fiction

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"So," Miley started, glancing between Luke and Jaylee, "When did you and Jayla start dating?" Miley knew Jaylee's name, but she always said it wrong to piss Jaylee off. She hated Miley. She wouldn't care if someone spilled spaghetti on her two-hundred dollar shirt right then. Jaylee would definitely volunteer as tribute if she didn't think Miley would sue her for it. "It's Jaylee." She muttered through gritted teeth, and Luke gripped her hand. "Right after I dated you, Miley. Why? Jealous?" Miley snickered, and Collin did as well. That really ticked Jaylee off, and she almost ripped their heads off, but Luke started to rub circles into her hand with his thumb, and she immediately calmed down. "Me? Jealous? Oh, Luke. You know me better…show more content…
"None of your damn business, okay!?" He snapped, glaring at her. "Leave me the hell alone." Luke rested his head in his hands and fixed his gaze towards the window. Jaylee laid her arms on the table and sighed. She was worried about him. This was the second time she had seen him with a black eye, and she didn't know how to react. He had already snapped at her once, and she didn't want him to snap at her again. Luke hadn't meant to snap on her, he was just highly annoyed and pissed off at that moment. "Sorry for caring so much." Jaylee muttered, looking away from him. "What an ass." Luke's head perked up. He heard what she had said under her breath, and now, he was even more raged. Why couldn't she understand he wanted to be left alone? Why couldn't she stop being annoying for five seconds of her…show more content…
I mean, you want her so badly." Jaylee exasperated, and Luke glared at her. She was mad at him too. He didn't have to snap at her. She was only trying to make sure he was okay, and obviously, that was a dumb decision on her part. "You know I can't do that. She's with her boyfriend." He visibly shivered, and Jaylee rolled her eyes. What a drama queen, she thought. A part of Jaylee was still worried about him though, and so she asked, "Are you going to tell me how you got a black eye now?" Luke rolled his eyes and leaned against someone else's car. He wished she would quit asking, but then again, it felt nice to see that someone actually cared about his well being for once. "Like I said, mind your own damn business." Jaylee heard him mutter "bitch" under his breath, and she rolled her eyes again. Luke was moodier than a girl on her period, and that was saying a lot. "Whatever. Go back to her. I have places to be." Jaylee attempted to get in her car, but Luke closed the door before she could even get a leg
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