Miley Cyrus Impact On Society

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Miley Cyrus is known by many as her previous TV persona; Hannah Montana, which attracted the million views from young children who looked up to the value-centered, “southern sweethearts” portrayed in the characters of this show. Hannah Montana wrote songs about friendship, family, and songs that just made the crowd dance and have a good time in an appropriate way. A few years after Miley’s fame of living a double life and bringing in millions of fans, she then decided to stop her second role as Hannah Montana and start pleasing the lives of older people. Miley’s fame started from an innocent teenage girl, but by now doing a quick search for her online, you would be shocked to see how the actress-turned-singer has changed.
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She specifically lists an account known as @happyhippiefdn, which is an account dedicated to helping homeless or LGBT youth, while also letting her show off her own style and gain even more attention for being crazy but also trying to help other people in the world who are looked at as different, like the homeless or people who are within the LGBT category. But this LGBT rights personally isn't the only facet to Miley that she displays online. Miley has recently been announced the most followed person on Instagram and each of her pictures averages over one hundred likes. Therefore, it is clear that Miley’s message is being reached by those millions of viewers who follow her and actually like what is trying to be addressed from her posts.
In conclusion, by posting in such a way; Miley Cyrus has amassed a following of millions of people, all who either support her, her music, or the LGBT/Marijuana use that she publicly promotes. Master of "shock value," Miley Cyrus is someone whose character/personality is so out of the norm that she manages to get people to keep an eye on her to just simply watch what she is going to do
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