Miley Cyrus 's Influence On Society

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What Miley Cyrus Really Stands For
In today’s popular culture a big topic of discussion is pop singer, Miley Cyrus. She was a former star on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana and now we have all seen her transformation from a girl to a woman. To avoid fading away like many other celebrity teen stars as they aged, Miley decided to reinvent herself as an adult musician by pushing the limits. Many people only see Miley Cyrus for her unadulterated VMA Performances and her frowned upon behavior, which most individuals don’t care to get to know. There is another side of Miley that has made a huge impact on society and has reached new levels in giving back to the community. Miley has dedicated herself to feminism, improving society’s image of women, leading the fight against LGBTQ discrimination, charity work, and using social media to expose societal issues.
Most people don’t know that Miley is feminist. She stands for up for women’s equality and wants everyone to feel accepted for who they are in this world no matter what their story has been along the way. In an interview with BBC Radio 1 's Newsbeat Miley claims to be one of the biggest feminists in the world. As Miley explains:
"For me, it 's not even that I 'm a feminist. I 'm for anybody. I 'm for everybody, for everything. I don 't care what you want to do in your life, or whom you want to be with, which you want to love, who you want to look like. I’m a feminist in the way that I’m really empowering to women.”
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