Milgram Obedience Experiment Essay

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Among the top most famous and shocking psychology experiments are the Milgram Obedience Experiment, The Asch Conformity Experiment and The Standfort Prison Experiment of Zimbardo. Those experiments helped us change the waye think about the human mind and behavior. The Milgram Obedience Experiment Near the 1960 Yale University psychologist Stanley Miligram began what would become one of social psychology’s most famous experiments. Milgram began his work during the widely publicized trial of the World War Two Nazi war criminal Otto Eichmann. In Eichmann’s defense along with other Nazis for sending millions of people to their deaths was that he was simply following orders of his superiors. The trial got Milgram to thinking what might the average person be capable of when under orders. For his initial experiment Milgram included 40 male volunteers using newspaper ads, he built a shock generator with a scale of 30 switches that supposedly deliver shock in increments of thirty volts up to 450 volts labeled with terms like “slight shock” to “dangerous shock” up to simply “xxx”. He paired each volunteer participants with someone who was also apparently a participants but in fact one of Milgrams colleagues posing as a…show more content…
After screening about seventy applicants, they selected twentyfour male college students who were mentally and physically good enough to participate in the study. The participants did not know what the study was about just that it involved a fake prison situation and with a coin flip half were selected to be prisoners and half to be the guards. The guards were told that the prisoners behavior was being studied and the prisoners did not know pretty much anything besides that they have been arrested and they were taken to prison. Other than that, neither group had any specific
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