Militant Anti-Colonialism in Africa and the West: Annotated Bibliography

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The biography of Abd el- Kader as outlined by Chisholm and Hugh (1911) It was on September 6, 1808 when Abd el-Kader was born in a place near Mascara in Algeria. At the time of his birth, Algeria had been under the Turkish rule. Abd el-Kader is known as the founder of the Algeria state and a religious and military leader who led the Algerians in their struggle against French domination. Even before joining military, Abd el-Kader had gained fame as an educated and religious person, capable of exciting his fellow religion followers with poems. Moreover, he was well known for his physical handsomeness and simplicity During his youth, in 1830, Algeria was invaded by France and the French colonial surpassed the Ottoman Empire. Abd el-Kader…show more content…
He composed philosophical treaties and wrote a book on the Arabic horse. While in Damascus, he saved several Christians from being killed by Druze. This was in 1860 after a conflict arose between the Druze and Maronites of Mount Lebanon. The conflict resulted into several Christians being killed by Druze. Abd el-Kader and his personal guards saved many Christians, offering them safety in his house. This action earned him honor and respect and the French increased his pension. He later died at Damascus on May 26, 1883 and was buried in Damascus. The biography of Gamal Abdel Nasser as outlined by Witte 2004 On 15th January 1918 in Alexandria, Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser was born, being the first son of Abdel Nasser Hussein. During his childhood, he attended a primary school for the children of railway employees until 1924 when he went to live with his uncle in Cairo. His mother died when he was only eight years old. Thereafter, Gamal Abdel Nasser attended various schools in Alexandria, Cairo and Helwan. His political interest developed and grew when doing his secondary education. During his teenage years, he was elected chairman of the Young Egypt Society. On 12th November, 1935, Nasser was involved in a demonstration against the British where afterwards, he was arrested and detained for two days. This, according to Witte (2004), was mainly developed by his attending schools in different cities because he was able to realize the class divisions

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