Militarization Of The Police Is An Arising Public Concern

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Militarization of the police is an arising public concern over the past recent years. Society has tried to comprehend the concept of militarizing the police. The public is terrified of the idea of what militarizing the police can mean for America. According to US Senator Elizabeth Warren “This is America, not a war zone,” she felt the need to express her thoughts because of the outrage that were occurring in Ferguson. Citizens feels as though militarizing the police will cause more insecurities and less confidence that were already so little in the police force. Media footage of events such as Ferguson and Baltimore have negatively influence the public opinion on supporting militarization of police. People believe police officers use…show more content…
The ACLU report examine the excessive force between the citizen and stated highlighted that there has been an “increase militarization of police departments throughout the US since the war on drugs” (Rucke 2014), they also stated that the police new form of militarizing has increasingly treated the American people like they are the enemy of the state. Furthermore, there are other who agree with the militarization of the police. Past events has cause others to believe that there need to be balance between militarizing and community policing.
The ending result of the North Hollywood shooting in 1997 convince the police force why it was pertinent to have military guns. The bank shooting wounded nearly half of the police officers and they were all out gunned. The officers had to call the SWAT team as back up to disseminate the situation. The media broadcasted the event live and the American citizens were able to get first hand visual of an ongoing weapon battle. After the North Hollywood shooting “assault on police shocked law enforcement across the country” (Mather 2017). Their fear caused an outrage to get more deadlier weapons to protect themselves and to take matters into their own hands from the state. The focus of this research paper is to gather data on the public perception of militarization of the police. The purpose of this paper is to examine if there is a correlation between basic demographic questions people opinions. The sample will be pulled from the
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