Military Advances The Private Sector

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Military Advances the Private Sector As technology continues to grow, the concept of privacy and the question of how private our lives really are continuing to change. Thanks to the use of the internet and social media services people can share and access information instantaneously. This is has greatly benefited our ability to state informed and update with information all over the world. But this has also allowed for our information to be put out there and stolen by people online through the internet by hackers. The United States military, specifically the Air Force and how RAND aids them on the forefront of cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism, and the use of computer forensics to capture the culprits. Rand is a nonprofit institution…show more content…
The use of computer forensics is a great to stop crime or to catch someone who has committed one, by being able to track and trace their actions digitally. This can also be a con for the reason of those of us who are not criminals. You don’t really know who is watching you and what their intent may be with watching you or with the information they get by watching you (Whatever happened to privacy, 2014). More and more threats of outside source continue to change the landscape of information security and how the government or military goes about doing their investigations. Every though you are in the public, most people do not like the sense of being watched, and now with the use bot nets, sniffers, write blockers, advanced encryption techniques and other forms of software or hardware, everyone is capable of committing internet crimes, creating an environment where most people are being watched some way or another. Along with hacking devices, and encryption software, tracking devices can be useful but also dangerous. With a tracking device in either your car could be tracked, and followed, and the same with your child, and this could lead to stopping criminals from these acts. But where would the government stop, and who else may use these devices against civilians? Why not put tracking devices in everyone, to keep everyone from committing crimes, this could be a dangerous
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