Military Analysis

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Technology and advancements in weapons and machinery for the military are constantly being improved by people and policy in the United States. For example, robot technology has allowed less soldiers to be put into danger, reducing the number of troops needed. This change has not only reduced the number of troops needed for combat, but has reduced the need for specific aspects of war, such as the draft. Over time, the military has returned to an all-volunteer force. According to P.W. Singer, an accredited 21st century warfare specialist and political science and international relations scholar, “Since the 2001 terrorist attacks on America, the amount spent on ground robots has roughly doubled each year, while the amount spent on aerial systems…show more content…
In an article written by a former soldier, Joseph Epstein shared his opinions on the strengthening of the military, stating, “...So I'd give the strategies a thumbs up, but it should be equal and fair. No deferments for education and only medical disqualifications apply,”(Epstein). As recalled in the article, the strengthening of the rules associated with how the military is run is necessary to prevent situations that occurred during the Vietnam War such as fleeing the country or pretending to be injured to interfere with the United States’ abilities to protect the country. Also, the use of technology needs to continue to be put into place to protect soldiers and their families. Without being able to keep the draft running, the United States will have no source of backup in case of a shortage of troops in wars of the future. In addition, requirements of warfare must shift and adjust to the use of new technologies and war strategies. The Foreign Policy Research Institute explained, “The most important verb describing the impact of technology on warfare is that it changes warfare,”(Roland). By implementing technology in war, changes in warfare will allow the necessary amount of protection and rules to be put into place for the country, and they will associate with the current fighting tactics. This will allow the United States to have a more effective military system. Overall, adjustments such as technology accommodations and having a stronger set of rules in place will help the United States military strive in times of
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