Military Bearing in Context of the US Navy

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Navy Military Bearing Military bearing is something that applies to all branches of the United States Navy but it manifests itself a little differently depending on the branch in question. This report will focus on the United States Navy and military bearing and the core competencies and codes that define said military bearing in a Navy context. A lot of what will be said below can be applied, in whole or in part, to other branches of the United States Armed Forces. Navy Military Bearing The Ohio recruitment page for the United States bearing has a definition of military bearing that encapsulates the definition of the term through a Navy prism. Their main page drives home the point that military bearing from a Navy perspective includes being professional, enthusiastic, prideful of one's country and their position and making sure that one is in a clean, crisp and proper uniform every single day of one's career. Also important is the chain of command, which enlisted men and women of all United States Armed Forces branches are expected to follow to the letter unless there is a clear reason why not. Even so, the commanding and executive officers of the Ohio Navy branch are clearly shown and communicated on their website (OH Navy, 2013). New Jersey Perspective A similar page for a Navy site in New Jersey, specifically the VR-64 Joint Base MDL Condors, has much the same message on its own page. That particular Navy base is the home of a C-130 Hercules Air Logistics task
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