Military Challenges Paper

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CONFLICTS OF A 21ST CENTURY MILITARY 6 leadership decisions that further degrade the military influencing enlisted members to end their careers early. The cost to maintain our national security has skyrocketed due to political and economic changes over that past two decades. Furthermore, the current system is under pressure to perform with a decreased budget proposals. “Policymakers are currently debating the appropriate level of U.S. military spending given increasingly constrained budgets and the winding down of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan” (Walker, 2014). As a result, the troops are forced to do more with less which leaves members tired and stressed. It is impossible to maintain our current show of force with a steadily…show more content…
Additionally, the overall system of how we treat each other, how we promote, and our outlook on the modern society all need to change. As mentioned above, the current system is based on a post World War II mentality. Furthermore, the system needs to incorporate changes that reflect our current worldview. Since 1990, we have been in some form of conflict big and small that has shaped the world we live in today. The current generation has only known war on terror. To elaborate further, my personality of the ISTJ type influences me to solve problems like this. The decisions made now will affect my remaining nine years in the military so I feel a need to get involved. According to, people with a judging personality are perceived as stubborn and opinionated. In this case, it will take a person that is not afraid of taking risks to get matters settled. Biblical Reflection According to Fischer (n.d), one of the easiest ways to apply biblical principles in an organization is to make a covenant. Hence the idea is expressed by you putting a personal and professional unifying contract with God. Furthermore, we need to trust in the Lord to provide the guidance and wisdom that we need daily. “And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not” (Isaiah 58:11, KJV). It is easy to get distracted and CONFLICTS OF A 21ST CENTURY MILITARY
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