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Deciding Between Two Military Colleges: The Midlife Crisis of a Senior
I did not want to go to college. Originally, I wanted to graduate highschool, and enlist into the Marine Corps at eighteen. That seemed to be the end goal in my life, and had been my dream for years. As my eighteenth birthday rolled around, and after many visits to Marine Recruiting Offices, I figured my life was set before me and everything was smooth sailing from there. I knew exactly what MO I wanted, how many years I would be in, and what I would do after the Corps. I decided I would get a Mechanical Engineering degree as soon as I had had enough of the adrenaline rush that came with the Marines. All of a sudden, everything changed. I recieved a call from a college wrestling coach, saying he wanted to discuss scholarships. Then I began to get looks from other coaches. I realized that maybe college was an option after all. So I began the process of applying,
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The facilities are slightly outdated, and the campus is a long drive from the nearest airport. The staff at Norwich are very intelligent and supportive. The student teacher ratio is small compared to most American colleges. The school offers a scholarship of 38,000 a year and a Mechanical Engineering degree. One person, on the topic of Norwich’s Engineering courses, says in his article The David Crawford School of Engineering RSS:
Mechanical engineers design, develop and manufacture machines that produce, transmit and use power. Wherever machines are produced or used, there are mechanical engineers. They play a pivotal role in nearly everything that makes life work. From seemingly simple devices like doorknobs and zip-lock freezer bags to complex robots and spacecrafts, there is hardly an area of everyday life that hasn’t been influenced by a mechanical engineer somewhere along the path from invention to installation. (par
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