Military Contractors

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After the Cold War, the military began to use private contractors more. Defense industries have nearly doubled since 1999. Different type of contractors has begun to pop out. Things that were once military jobs have been handed over to civilian contractors. Companies such as Science Applications International Corporation and Computer Sciences Corporation have employed thousands of workers. Military Professional Resources Inc. is a military consultant firm. This firm and other like I help unstable governments, revolutionary forces, or oil and mining companies working in hostile areas by providing former service members from the U.S, Britain, or South Africa to offer protection. These firms train the local police and military to fight their own conflicts. Fraud and waste by private contractors in the Middle East continue to be a problem. In Iraq, alone 14 major contractors were given minimal or no competition according to a report issued by the General Accounting Office. These contractors cost the taxpayer…show more content…
Prior to Obama's election many were excited for a new outlook on defense spending. They thought that unlike his republican predecessor Obama would put a stop to careless military spending. Both Republicans and Democrats recruit reps to help guarantee the Pentagon's billion dollar contracts. When Obama was elected and began exhibiting spending traits more in line with President Bush many were disappointed. It should come at no shock that defense contractors were one of Obama's largest supporters while running for office. During Obama's first year in office, he received Power Player David Rubenstein, cofounder of the Carlyle Group six times. Rubenstein had direct access to the White House. President Obama has been known to brag about his endorsement of the Boeing Corporation. Contracting firms place their plants in middle-class states to entice
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