Military Decision Making Process

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Military decision making process (MDMP) The MDMP is the Army's solution to decision-making and assists the commander and staff in developing a plan and estimates. The MDMP is analytical and detailed through all levels. The commander decides the procedures to use in each instance, his plan hinges on clear visualization, and he uses the entire staff to make his plan. The steps in the MDMP are the following: Receipt of mission - the structure starts with orders issued by higher headquarters of an anticipated new mission. The commander alerts the staff of the details. The staff gathers the tools (such s graphical tools and maps) needed to do mission analysis Mission analysis - Commander defines tactical problems and brainstorms possible solutions. This consists of 17 steps. The staff brief commander. Anticipation, trained staff, and preparation are primary to this stage. Course of action (COA) development The entire staff, under the commander, develops a COA for analysis. The plan, time-constrained, is flexible and comprehensive. The goal is to develop unpredictable COAs that would be difficult for the enemy to infer. COA analysis - The COA analysis determines which COA accomplishes the mission with least casualties whilst best positioning the force to obtain initiative for future operations. CAO approval - The commander chooses the COA he thinks is most advantageous, and issues any additional guidance that may be in order Orders protection the staff refines the COA and
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