Military Deployments Essay

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What is deployment? Most people think that when someone deploys they think military. Most families has or had a family member, friend who has joined the military and has deployed around the world. First what is the definition of deployment? “Deployment is the movement of an individual or entire military unit to overseas location to accomplish a task or mission” (Public Schools of North Carolina). In this research paper many subjects will be addressed that most people do not deal with in the amount that the military do like: legal matters, family issues, financial matters, and wills. Also who is affected by deployments? What are the advantages and disadvantages of deployment? Is military life different from normal civilian life?…show more content…
A will tells the world how to distribute your estate, your money and possessions upon your death. The will names an executor or personal representative who will distribute your estate. A will can also be a personal representative how to dispose of the service members remains. If a service member dies without a will their property will distributed according to state law. If the service member has minor children, the state will make decisions about your children upon their death if they die without a will. These decisions may or may not be in accordance with the military members wishes. A power of attorney are legal documents where the person grants someone else the legal authority to act on their behalf to Endorse or cash check in the person’s name, sell, register, transport, or purchase the person’s vehicle, file the persons income tax records, enter or vacate military housing for the service member, buy, sell or refinance that persons real estate (Judge Advocate Generals Corps/ U.S. Navy). Second of all, a service member needs to make a plan to protect themselves from identity theft. Also they need to make sure their vehicle is stored in a safe environment; the service member needs make sure they have adequate insurance for their vehicle while in that safe environment and
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