Military Downsizing Consequences After Major Conflicts

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Military Downsizing Consequences
After major conflicts, the government downsizes its military numbers significantly, losing the best-qualified leaders to lead the future’s military. This drastic method of downsizing the military after major conflicts harms our troops and could harm the future of our great nation. If the nation really needs to downsize its military, then it should be done in a very careful manner and to pay extra attention to not losing the best qualified leaders it currently has.
Throughout military history, the government quickly downsizes its army to its bare minimum after conflicts, usually within five years, due to budgeting issues. According to Mary Ann Evans, the author of Downsizing In The U.S. Army: Common
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Our sample consists of the survivors — the future leaders of tomorrow 's army" (p.210). When future leaders loose commitment to their duties, how effective will they be in future conflicts? According to what is happening around the globe in this present time, there is a high possibility that the U.S. could be dragged into a major conflict in the near future.
The most critical issue that we face when it comes to downsizing the army is the readiness and security of our nation. Politicians say that downsizing the military brings back the nation’s financial stability. Army leaders do not see it that way, but weakens our nation 's defense capability and our commitment to the rest of the world. General Odierno, the Army Chief of Staff (2013), states that “In his professional military judgment, that the projected end strength and force structure levels would not enable the Army to fully execute 2012 Defense Strategic Guidance requirements to defeat an adversary in one major combat operation while simultaneously denying the objectives of an adversary in a second theater. Additionally, it is unlikely that the Army would be able to defeat an adversary quickly and decisively should they be called upon to engage in a single, sustained major combat operation” (Chief, Congress and DoD hammer out Army 's future manning levels, par.18). The military is not just weakened by the numbers, but by experience and
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