Military Drones For Offensive Counter Terrorism Operation

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Often in history when a nation develops a new technology for means of war we have seen a paradigm shift in a nation’s diplomacy, politics, and military strategy. The world has already seen this recent history with the invention and use of nuclear bombs by the US. The public understood the dangers and the power of nuclear bombs; different nations like the US brought their politicians together to form laws for a safer world. However, now there is a new weapon in warfare which is causing a massive controversy where the public doesn’t even completely understand the dilemma associated with it because the lack of transparency. The weapon is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or otherwise known as military drones. The public needs to understand that use of military drones for offensive counter-terrorism operation is harmful to the US, because it’s expensive, it increases psychological problems for our troops, and increases US politicians’ engagement in humanitarian intervention. First of all, in order to understand why drones are harmful to the US, we need to understand the application of military drones and why they are useful in warfare. One of the usages for drones is to investigate the battlefield from the sky to provide real-time data to the commanders in the field to deploy ground troop; with the help of cameras on board of the drones like the MQ-I predator and MQ-9 reaper(Mayer). After technological advancement was made, drones started to carry weapons like missiles and a
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