Military Families Face Challenges

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Military Families Face Challenges Introduction
When a parent is deployed to serve at war, a child faces many hardships in his well-being. The main problem is that early children face many social, emotional, and physical problems when a parent goes to war and returns with a health issue. Children under age of five are developing negative behaviors, for example Home Front Alert: The Risk Facing Young Children In Military Families states that “children in military families with a deployed parent may experience stress, anxiety, and difficult coping, as well as academic problems” (Murphey, 2013, p. 4). This reveals that absent parents are not fulfilling the child’s cognitive needs, which plays an important in their health. Thus, children
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This may cause the child to develop depression, anxiety, and stress. When the child sees the parent with stress then there is chance the child will imitate the same attitude; therefore, this may lead the child to be unhealthy. This is also seen when the parent comes back from war with a trauma, and mental disorder. The child runs the risk of facing domestic violence due to the parent’s mental disorder, for example “ traumatic brain injury has been called the “signature injury” of the current wars, and has been found in more than one in four service members… symptoms of TBI include aggression, irritability, and emotional instability, and “frequent contribute to family turmoil” (Murphey, 2013, p. 6). This demonstrates when a parent comes back with a brain injury he is not able to satisfy the child’s needs, which may lead to family stress. There are children who have both parents in the military and need to adapt to the new environment they will be placed in; causing his well-being to be dysfunctional. Furthermore, Murphey (2013) mentions that there is a solution to prevent child maltreatment. The only way is to reach out to military families who are facing harsh conditions, for instance assist parents with mental health, toddlers who have need guidance, and parents who need help supporting their child. Another way to help the child’s well-being is by going to a pediatric that will provide information on how to cope with depression, and provide emotional
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