Military For Civilian Life And Supporting Their Families

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Military returning to Civilian Life and supporting their Families Millions of combat veterans are returning from various campaigns including Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and America’s latest campaigns in Afghanistan and will need support to transition from military combat life to family life and a civilian existence. A variety of support personnel and services are needed to help veterans transition successfully. Veterans suffer from physical and mental health problems which make it challenging to find new employment to support their family. In addition, over his or her years of service, the veteran has identified as a soldier with all of the status and hierarchical command structure that is part of the military. Physical rehabilitation, mental health intervention, and employment support are ways to address the needs of military veterans transitioning into civilian life. Physical injuries resulting from military service can pose a significant barrier to service members trying to resume their pre-deployment life roles. A variety of medical disciplines assist service members with recovery from traumatic injuries sustained during combat. The rehabilitation process begins at medical facilities located near the battle front. Early rehabilitation of injuries, considered within 7 days after injury, has well documented benefits. (Marin, 2006) As soon as possible, the injured soldier is transferred to a fixed facility within Europe or the United
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