Military Forces in Vietnam Fighting for the Survival of South Vietnam

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The term “ARVN” many times is used to describe all military forces in Vietnam fighting for the political survival of South Vietnam. It refers to the army within the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces (RVNAF), which includes the air force, navy, marines, rangers, regional and popular forces, and civil defense forces. There are four conventional field divisions and six light divisions which the ARVN were structured into in 1956. In 1959 this was reorganized into seven infantry divisions and three corps headquarters. This reorganization was to essentially better deal with the communist-led insurgency and to make the most of U.S. advisory efforts. From there, there was an increase in the ARVN force structure which was comprised with ten infantry divisions in four corps headquarters during the time of 1964 to the late 1968. During the last years of the war, there were over one million ARVN soldiers that served in eleven infantry divisions which made them one of the world’s largest armies (Brigham, 2006).
The lives of the ARVN were affected by the disruption of village life, their services with the Americans, and being part of the RVNAF forces. The ARVN suffered countlessly from the burdens of negative stereotyping and taking more than their share of the responsibility for the American defeat in Vietnam. From fighting a long lasting war they were criticized in many ways from being called, “corrupt”, “lazy,” “cowardly,” and “incompetent” (Brigham, 2006). Not taking into account that…