Military Intervention Paper

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Connor Stone
Professor Bruce Magnusson
POL 258
20 November, 2015
Discussing Success in Military Intervention In mid-September of this year, a military coup was launched in Burkina Faso by members of a presidential guard unit in support of former President Blaise Campaore. Campaore enjoyed 27 years of rule as the nation’s president before being peacefully removed from office (Vogt and Hinshaw). The coup lasted about a week and was met with significant public disapproval; protests and violence erupted in the nation’s capital, Ouagadougou. France and the UN, as well as the United States all weighed in on the situation, calling for an end to the coup which endangered democratic elections planned for October 11 (Vogt and Hinshaw). Ultimately, pressures by protestors and the military put an end to the coup and interim President Michel Kafando was put back in office. Presidential and legislative elections have been rescheduled for
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Even if I had clear evidence to suggest that this is more than just hypothetical rambling, I am not certain that we really should change the discourse surrounding military intervention, because I do not know if it would lead to any greater insights about the politics of nations in which military coups take place. I merely wish to provide some food for thought, or some inspiration for greater research into the causes and effects of military intervention. Perhaps a closer examination of existing case studies may provide some justification for alternative discourse on military coups or perhaps future attempts will prove harder to clearly define as success or failure. Further studies are almost always being conducted by scholars of African politics and their research could very well be what I seek, an even more complicated example of military intervention, where success and failure are not so easy to
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