Military Involvement of Women in Canadian History

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Introduction In the recent past women in the Canadian Forces have managed to reach integrated positions including position of combat in the military. Lack of research and knowledge that governs and supports women in these roles is a common phenomenon in many countries. Women have experienced gender disparity for a long time; however, with the help of other stakeholders and their effort they have persistently fought gender discrimination. When there is no appropriate research, there is a likelihood that the provided services may fail to target the actual need of women. For women in the military to be optimistic about the support, there is need for research that is to examine their experiences in the military. This discrimination has also been revealed by nontraditional research on women. From the history of Canadian Forces, women have really struggled to achieve pay and status equity and integration within the military ranks and positions. Their efforts have been faced with a number of barriers and setbacks which arise from the Canadian government that pave way for gender integration upon the military. The fact that women were being recruited and expanded job opportunities for them availed, the traditional military institutional norms, beliefs, values and procedures were being faced out to a great extent, (Baker, D. D.,, 1990). The beginning of change was in the North West Rebellion of 1885, went on through the next century to date. During these changes, women

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